Sing with your friends

Karaoke Texts on our website
Have you never heard the word karaoke? Don't you know karaoke lyrics? Never mind, because this non-Czech word of Japanese origin will probably be known to younger generations. It is an amateur singing in a musical background. That it must be complicated? Not at all.
You'll have fun
The musical background is connected with the projection of the lyrics/karaoke texts/, which is a kind of hint, a guide for the singer. Moreover, what the singing will be gradually unpacked in front of his eyes, and what he is about to sing, is painted with some distinctive color.
It must be fun
Fun really is and not only the youth quite popular. If you want to try it yourself or at the family celebration to surprise the interesting point of the program, there is nothing lighter than finding karaoke texts on the website or directly purchase a karaoke set in the store. You can start the fun in your living room right away!

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