She needed it like salt

Petra wished for her birthday to be silvini. She really needed him for her workouts. Her parents knew very well what pleased her. But she knew that the parents had a big release behind their house, and so she thought he wouldn't get a dream gift. But they were seriously surprised. Not only did she get what she wanted, but another gift was a new bike and a lot of other, completely new and top-notch things she wanted. It was her most beautiful day.
Karel wanted to show off
The maching was Karlovo Creed, it was his life. He couldn't even do it, but he was just like that. If one could talk about a healthy business plan, or if he had at least taken the rich and gave the poor, it would be fine. But he also took those who had ever supported him and who had taught him all that he could do today, and he behaved terribly instead of gratitude. Even today he was maching when he dressed up the silvin and drove past his ex-girlfriend, who were missing money, with around fifty thousand.

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