Our Cold mist will taste

You want our ice cream? What do you prefer? Do you want to be creamy or do you prefer to have a fruity? We have both available. You can buy both. Who likes to be disappointed, we certainly won't disappoint. Come to us to choose the one that tastes the most, or the one you would like to taste. We have a wide assortment, you do not have to worry, choose each one of you.
Our icy refreshment awaits
Everyone can have an ice cream at least occasionally. Czech producers have produced our own. It is of high quality and certainly will not disappoint you. That's why you have to taste it. It is not available only during the summer months, but you can buy it all year round. If you get a taste of it, do not hesitate to buy it. You'll see that our misting will taste and that you will soon be shopping for more.

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